The Hubbard Family Association

Est. 1856

The Hubbard Family Association is a family that has established one of the longest running reunions in the United States. The purpose of this website is to connect family members near and far while updating the everyone on upcoming events.

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Hubbard Family Association at a Glance

A Look Back Into History

The Hubbard Family has a rich history dating back to at least the 1600s. Hubbard Farms took over the majority of present day West Haven. The farmhouse shown here was purchased from the Merwin family in 1810 by John Hubbard, Jr. (1778-1861). Today, the house sits on the remaining 4 acres of the farm. You can even see the divots created in the land from the Hubbard plowing the fields hundreds of years ago. Click for more pictures as an opportunity to look briefly into the past!

Family Events


2019 Family Reunion

Past Family Reunions

2020 Family Reunion